If a patient or resident

who lives at a nursing home is injured by some mistake by the staff or employees at a nursing home, the injured plaintiff can sue the nursing home.

Nursing home negligence cases often happen when a nursing home company tries to maximize its profits at the expense of providing good care to the patients and residents. Sometimes a nursing home company will accept more patients than it can handle while running a skeleton crew. The nursing home company gets the increased income from the additional patients and cut costs with fewer salaries. This is a common recipe for disaster and injury. Some common types of injuries that happen in nursing homes include: bedsores, inadequate monitoring of a patient who requires breathing assistance, falls or a patient being dropped, and failure to monitor and administer medication for a patient who lacks the ability to do so on her own. Typically, a patient who is injured by a nursing home is elderly, incapable of taking care of herself, and relies completely on the nursing home company to ensure her health and well-being. These folks are the most at risk and the nursing home company should be looking out for them. Instead the nursing home company is often trying to make money without regard to the patient’s health and safety.